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Case Follow-up

Post-Mediation and Post-Judgment Services

A court judgment is a document that tells you or the other party what you must do to resolve the case.  A mediation agreement is a document that states what you and the other party intend and agree to do to resolve your differences. But until the judgment is satisfied or the mediation agreement is fulfilled, your case is not fully resolved. The legal system may be used to enforce judgments and mediation agreements, but the legal process may not be the quickest or easiest way to settle the matter "once and for all."
If you have a judgment (for or against you) or a mediation or settlement agreement, BBB Mediation Services can help you try to reach a final resolution with the other party in several ways.
  • Satisfying the Judgment: deciding when, where, and how payments will be made without further legal proceedings
  • Alternatives to Satisfying the Judgment as Entered by the Court: when both parties agree, you may be still be able to resolve the dispute on your own terms instead of the terms of the judgment
  • Modifying a Mediation Agreement: when both parties agree, you can make changes to your mediation agreement as your circumstances change
  • "Troubleshooting" a Mediation Agreement: contacting one of the parties to follow up on late payments or other problems with the mediation agreement
  • Facilitate Payments or Property Transfers (A Fee May Apply): receive and deliver payments from one party to another, or be present when parties meet to exchange property if required by a court judgment or mediation agreement
These services are available free of charge (except facilitation of payments or property transfers) if you reached a settlement through Mediation Services or if your small claims, unlawful detainer, or civil harassment lawsuit was decided in a Kern County court.

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